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Phoenix Environmental Consulting, LLC specializes in consulting on the issues of environmental concerns for all types of buildings and structures.  Our firm conducts asbestos, lead, mold and sewage protocols, inspections and clearances to assist with whatever your project needs may be.


Taking into account your unique situations and user requirements, we offer consulting, inspections, project design, monitoring and final closeouts for a variety of clients  in the industrial, commercial, governmental and residential properties.
Consulting Asbestos, Lead, Mold & Sewage
Inspections Pre-renovation, Emergency service for water, smoke & sewage damage prior to repair
Project Design After consultation, and inspection we offer a design plan and protocol for the end user to distribute for project bid by contractors - and evaluation prior to award. 
Monitoring Our consultants are available to monitor your project on a daily basis should you need compliance assistance during renovation activities.
Clearance and
PEC offers quick turnaround results and reports for all types of testing to ensure your project moves forward in a timely manner.
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